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Join us for a day-long experience that will equip you with the tools to reach your full potential and live out your dream. Designed to address every facet of your life—mind, body, and spirit—Dream Space will help you find healing from past hurts and crippling mindsets and will introduce you to the critical success habits that will propel you into your destiny

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What to Expect: 

At Dream Space, you’ll take action toward your best life with author and coach Denise Walsh. Each session will include 30–45 minutes of equipping, followed by a hands-on experience that allows you to apply what you’ve learned.

 Through these teachings and exercises, you’ll:

  • Unlock your life's purpose 
  • Gain clarity about your true self
  • Heal from past hurts and emotional limitations
  • Create a detailed action plan that will move you closer toward your goal—immediately, and more!  

This picture was taken at my first "Come As You Will Be Party" in 2015. After 3 years of working hard, it was THIS event that catapaulted my hubby and I to the top of our company a month later. 


You heard that right.  

If your day in the Dream Space doesn't move you considerably toward your dream life, then I don't want your money!  

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Trade Excuses for Empowerment

Session 1: SPARK. In this session we will dive into who you are, what you love, and what experiences have been pivital moments for your life thus far. You will leave this session more connected with yourself and your inner guidence system. 

Session 2: RELEASE. In this session we will identify and let go of anything that has been holding you back - fear, guilt, resentment, bitterness, and more. You will leave this session filled with forgiveness and finally feeling free. Once you have released in the Dream Space, you are now free to create your Dream Life.

Session 3: DREAM. In this session we will gain clarity about what you want next, and create an inspired action plan to help you achieve it. You will leave this session inspired and overflowing with a personal vision that will catapault you into action.

Session 4: 2024 "Come As You Will Be Cocktail Party" We will end the night with a come as you will be event. This is when we pretend that it is the year 2024 and we all dress as the person we want to be, and talk all about the experiences and successes we have had! This cements all the clarity you have created into your mind, body, and soul. 

In the Dream Space, we take your desires, and move them to your heart (belief), as well as your feet (action).  

Often, the "thing" that gets in the way of us actually fulfilling our dreams - is ourselves. 

Thankfully, I can teach you exactly how to conquer your own mind, take back control over your dreams, and give you the exact steps to take to turn your dreams into reality.  

This simple system works, every time. 


P.S. - Lunch, coffee, and water is included. Cocktail event will have cash bar and heavy appetizers.


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This is YOUR DREAM. YOU decide where it will take you. 

You no longer have to feel out of control or like you’re just going through the motions. In just 30 days, you can reprogram your mind to catapult you toward your best life!  

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Why The Dream Life Daily Journal?

Did you know there is a very specific mindset that leads to success and three crucial habits to unlocking the life you’ve always desired? 

However, society teaches us that living out our dreams is neither realistic nor attainable, so you, like so many of us, feel unsure of what to do to move from where you are to where you really want to be—that is, until now.  

Whether your goal is to be an entrepreneur, lose weight, strengthen your relationships, or grow spiritually, it’s time to step into your destiny to become all that God has called you to be.  

In Dream Life Daily Journal, you’ll learn:  

  • The hidden secrets to help you STOP SETTLING and START DREAMING BIG  
  • The 3 crucial habits to unlocking everything you've ever wanted  
  • A step-by-step guided game plan to take inspired, daily action toward your dreams.  
  • How to become the best version of you - no matter what has happened in the past. 

The Dream Life Daily Journal isn't just theory, it's a practical, hands-on field guide for achieving—and then enjoying, your best life.  

How to Start FINALLY Making Change...

Are you ready to start making a real, lasting change in your life? 

With the Dream Life Daily Journal, you can start asking yourself the right questions.

If you're ready to go from restless to personally inspired each and ever day, then you're in the right place. 

An inspired, dedicated morning routine is the single most important action you can take.  

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What Are People Saying?

“Simple yet profound principles that will give you the tools you need to design your dream life and become all that you were created to be." - Patty Aubrey, Author of Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

“Do you want to get over yourself and your self-limiting beliefs? The Dream Life Daily Journal is a must read and gives the answers that you’ve been searching for to build a better life.” - Pam Sowder, Co-Founder of It Works Global 

“I don’t even know where to start! I realized my dreams are endless and I can get anywhere I believe.” - Tania M.

““The ideas and action steps that I have learned through this series have opened my mind, body, and spirit to endless possibilities! Oh, how I wish they taught this stuff in grade school!” - Nicole W.

“For the first time in a long time, I feel inspired.” - Chloe M.

“Thank you for reminding me how to dream big again!” - Jennifer Bachmann

About Denise Walsh

Denise Walsh is a proud wife and mother, former clinical psychologist, motivational speaker, and multi-million-dollar-earning entrepreneur. Denise started her career by working with families at a local mental health agency as a clinical psychologist but left the practice to pursue a successful career in the direct sales industry. 

Her impact as a leader in that field, coupled with her certification as a Jack Canfield trainer and experience as an elite coach with the John Maxwell Team, has given her the unique ability to help people tap into their ultimate potential and find their greatness. She has found her calling inspiring others to go after their dreams and has helped more than a million people find their purpose and fulfill their God-given destiny.  

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If you've never experienced a guided meditation before, this will change your life forever. In this 15 minute meditation, you'll relax, and really focus-in on your life purpose. As you quiet your mind, and start asking your inner-self the right questions, you'll notice clarity for your life that you never thought possible.  


Speaking positive, "I AM" statements over yourself can be one of the most life-changing exercises you'll ever do. These 37 affirmations are designed to help you finally start seeing yourself the way God sees you

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